Welcome to Our Newest Crecco’s Cafe!

Our newest Crecco’s Cafe is located immediately next to the Chase Bank and continues our tradition of providing a wide variety of fresh, delicious food at affordable prices. We offer twenty-five different salads that can have grilled chicken or shrimp added as an option.

We also offer a wide variety of Specialty Pizzas, Traditional Pizzas with any combination of toppings, Hot and Cold Heros, Wraps, Pita Sandwiches, Char Grilled Burgers, Pasta Dishes, Ciabatta Sandwiches, Grilled Paninis, Dinner Entrees, and Raviolis: Cheese, Spinach, Lobster, and Gluten-Free!

Looking for something different? Check out our Specials Menu!

Location Details

Crecco’s Cafe Orangeburg NY
Fresh, delicious food at affordable prices.
60 Dutch Hill Rd
Orangeburg, NY
Phone: 845-359-2222

Orangeburg, NY Location