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Of any other cuisine introduced to the country in the last century, pizza is the most beloved go-to comfort foods in the United States. It’s no coincidence that the classic pie is served at every celebration, movie or game night.  It’s simple, perfect for sharing and it’s undeniably delicious.  Arguably, no one else in the country knows pizza the way New Yorkers do. Not only is pizza deeply embedded into the East-Coast Identity, to many New Yorkers, it’s also a great source of great pride, tradition and nostalgia.

But pizza is also deeply personal.  There is tense debate over whether or not certain toppings are acceptable (here’s looking at you, pineapple). But that’s what also makes pizza an extension of the individual.  Mushroom and olive?  Pepperoni? Garlic powder or red pepper flakes? When it comes to the perfect slice, it’s to each their own.  


One thing is for certain; nothing hits home quite like a large, delicious pizza.

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