Tortellini Florentine

Pasta Fagioli

Chicken Orzo

Carmine's Turkey Chili

Italian Wedding


Spicy Battered Cauliflower | $7.00

Served with a side of ranch

Risotto Balls | $9.00

Prepared in house topped with marinara & mozzarella

Cheese Curds | $9.00

Wisconsin white cheddar with cajun ranch

Empanadas | $10.00

Buffalo chicken/bleu cheese dipping sauce

Salads & Sandwiches

Trifecta Wrap| $11.00

Chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, fries & side marinara

Veal Parmigiana| $12.00

Freshly breaded/mozzarella/marinara

Pan crusted Chicken Ortollino | $13.00

Topped with our housemade bruschetta over a spring mix, sprinkled with shaved parmesan & served with our white balsamic vinaigrette

Crab Cake Caesar | $15.00

House-made crab cake|romaine|hard parmesan|creamy caesar 14
***ADD a crab cake to any of our salads for $6.00

Salmon Bruschetta | $18.00

Filet of salmon/house are bruschetta mixed with avocado/baby arugula/lemon vinaigrette

Pasta & Entrees

Pumpkin Ravioli | $14.00

Butter & cinnamon brown sugar sauce

Eggplant Lasagna | $14.00

Fried eggplant/grilled zucchini/mozzarella/basil/marinara sauce

Cavatelli| $18.00

Shrimp, broccoli, white wine garlic consommé

Spinach Crepe Manicotti| $15.00

House rolled pasta sheets, ricotta, mozzarella & spinach served in vodka sauce

Veal Francese| $22.00

Egg battered veal/lemon butter wine sauce/side pasta